Work One-to-One with Jay Lakhani a 3 month personalised mentoring programme
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Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the way you have helped me develop into a master trader. You trully showed me how easy the trading was. Your spiritual nature attracted me to your training, and the fact that you are an amazing trader and mentor really adds icing to the cake! -         Jim Marshall Australia

A three month personalised mentoring programme that is designed and specifically tailored for YOU as an individual and to suit your style of trading. It is my mission to create a community of successful forex traders, and I will help you to help you to get trading profitably and consistently.

What is unique about Bindal FX mentoring?
I doubt if there is anything in the market place, that gives you so much and for this price. Cost is only £1995.00 for a 3 months mentoring programme. What's more, does any mentor issue live trading opportunities and setups, as it happens.
The reason to issue alerts is to give you confidence, and learn from me, as how I do my trades. In Addition, you will also get the following:

REGULAR Chart setups and alerts sent by email.
Live trading chats
Video Tutorials that you can view at your leisure
Individualised Conference Calls
Regular contact by phone/Msn/skype

Bindal FX's mentoring and training Programme is the ultimate home of trader education. We give you the market edge by teaching you how to trade the Stock market, Index, Futures, Forex, Options, Commodities.....or indeed any market!

Why Choose Our Training Programme? The Answers Are Simple.
Be taught by TRADERS - people who actually trade funds for a living
• one to one Trading lessons.
Professional high-profit trading strategies.
See how to trade multiple products including spread betting, CFDs, Margin FOREX, and Traded Options.
Discover how to trade indexes, shares, bonds, and many other products (including oil and commodities).
Learn how to make money in falling markets as well a rising ones
Courses available for all levels from beginner to expert.

Our aim? Simple. We want you to become profitable. We want to give you the best chance of achieving this.

Remember up to 90% of traders lose money. This is not an easy business. So if you don't know your MACD from your A-B-C corrective waves, contact the people that do and start your journey towards profitability.

We are true traders, not fantasists. The difference is obvious to anyone who meets us. We don't spout theory, we tell you what we have found over our many years of trading.

There are many competing trader training offerings around the world - but ask them one simple question. Do you trade? If they don't then consider spending your money elsewhere. Spend it with real traders not fantasists.

Bindal Fx's Training & Mentoring Programme Includes:
How to Draw up a Trading Plan
Maintain Discipline
Money Management
Trading with the Trend
Simulated Trading Lessons
Real trading strategies used by real traders
Psychology of Trading
Technical Analysis that works.
Chart Patterns

The most important is Get TRAINING! Think about it, many people go to school, college and university to learn how to become proficient in their jobs. You'd agree that Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and many professionals earn good money, But they would not if they were NOT TRAINED for their careers! - So why should YOU be an exception.

If you do not know what you are doing, then I guarantee you that you will fail at this, and I simply cant stress this enough! You will eventually pay a big price - in that your account will be wiped out, with massive losses.

Remember the saying, " Give a man a fish you feed him for the day, but teach him how to fish, you feed him for life. Go learn to fish, and you will be well fed for life!

Some Of The Features You Want To Learn In A Trade Strategy...
Simple To Understand
Easy To Use
Technically Solid
Clearly Explained With Charts
Highly Reliable / Consistent
Works In Up & Down Markets (Long & Short Trades)
Minimizes Risks
Produces Incredible Profits

The Greatest Threat To Your Success Is YOU!

Let me be more specific. The greatest threat to your trading success is your ability to control your emotions when it comes to trading. When you begin to make trading decisions based upon an emotional impulse, rather than careful reasoning, you lose control over your trading.

We Will Help With The Psychology Of Trading.

A sound trading strategy is CRITICAL to success. There are simply too many ways to lose money in the market. To be successful you NEED a systematic trading plan.

You will learn "How To Design A Trading Plan"

We will help you become a smart trader, That doesn't mean that the smart trader wins every trade he makes, but because he is using a proven, systematic trading strategy, the money he makes on his winners more than compensates for the small losers. So over all, he comes out far ahead.

Like the old poker saying goes; "It's not how many hands you win that counts, it's how much money you make on the hands you do win!""

We Offer A Unique Training and Mentoring Programme.
Our training methods give you the market edge with a unique formula, that only a handful of traders use. Get ready to find out how
trading the markets, and you too can start generating substantial profits from the markets
We will help you create your own Killer Trading System, a simple step-by-step strategy that will deliver consistent profits! Our training program uses technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and market sentiment. In addition we have special Programme to assist you on trader psychology, money management, goal setting, discipline and most importantly - how to develop a trading plan.

"A lethal Stock & Forex Trading Strategy that transforms any average person into a ruthless money making predator that makes even the most hardened trading sharks spin their heads in disbelief..."

Below is a primary structure used as a guideline of our Training Course; however, your mentor customizes and tailors the process to meet your individual needs as well as support materials.

Overview Planning and Managing the Trade

Developing an "edge"
Learning to spot what the "market is telling you"
Putting the odds in your favor
Finding and trading "high probability" setups
Picking stocks & Currencies to match your style
Creating your own trading system

Risk Management

Understanding Risk
Elements of risk
Money Management

Technical Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Fractal nature of the market
Price behavior
Market Symmetry
Trend lines - Channels
Consolidation - Rectangles
Support and Resistance
Throwback - pullback
Degrees of significance
Continuation Patterns
Cup & Handle
Reversal Patterns
Head and Shoulder
Double Tops
Measured move
Technical Indicators
Moving Averages
Momentum Oscillators
Fibonacci analysis

Proper entries, price targets, exits, risk/reward, scaling out
Trade management - trailing stops, scaling out, protecting profits
Stops - initial protective stop, trailing stops, break-even stops, mental stops, hard stops, chart pattern stops, percentage stops

Trading Skills
Putting it all together - using multiple indicators
Analysis of Multiple Time Frames
Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Intraday chart analysis
Trading breakouts
Trading reversals
Shorting strategies
Price behavior
Quality of setups and follow-through
Developing you own system

Proper use of Trading Platforms
Order entry & Limit Orders
Automatic executions
Automatic trailing stops

Market & Sector Analysis

Relative Strength/Weakness

Trading Psychology
Crowd psychology
Fear and Greed
Common traps

Creating a Trading Plan
Tracking personal patterns

Overtrading, under trading, chasing stocks, buying too early, buying risky stocks, averaging down
Pre-market analysis

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