Training course is designed to teach you the skills to trade the forex market profitably regardless of your current ability. An example of a trade of the day using the Bindal FX system is as follows:
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4xmentor website currently has over 150 video tutorials, plus a new one is uploaded regularly. The library of the tutorials is packed with Forex Secrets which includes;
  • Trading system which is 80% accurate when followed - a step by step guide
  • Over 150+ videos
  • New Videos uploaded regularly
  • The power of Divergence System - a step by step guide
  • The Power of ema Crossover system
  • The best way to trade the 123 setup
  • The Power of Forex Options
  • How to Hedge your trades
  • Forex Binary trades
  • Mental Finess and trader psychology
  • Trading Plans......................... and many more!
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Testimonials & Success stories -
Recent success stories of members on a one 2 one with Jay Lakhani
  • 1.5K account into 7K in just 3 months
  • Trading just divergences, £2.5K account converted into £23K in just 1 month. - using swing trading
  • A newbie with no previous experience, but following support & resistance/ 123 setups converts a £100 account into £645 in just 1 week!
  • A trader only using binary and bungee bets converts a £768 account into £21K in less than 3 months.
You have a choice, get expert guidance and succeed in trading OR blowing the account, which is what majority of traders do.

As part of our ongoing training & mentoring, Jay will help you with a trading plan; review your trading dairy, advise you on how to build your mental fitness.
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