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Photos: Readers share their incredible gingerbread house creations

One reader has a special family tradition involving gingerbread houses.

A gingerbread replica of the Hogwarts Castle. Claire H.

On a snowy — or rainy and windy — December day, the last thing most people would want to do is an outdoor activity such as sledding or ice skating. A fun, indoor alternative? Making a gingerbread house.

The holiday activity, believed to have originated in Germany, is an interactive, entertaining and — most importantly, if kids are involved — edible activity for the whole family to enjoy.

We asked readers to share their best gingerbread house creations with us, and we’re sharing nine of our favorite submissions.

One reader who responded, Claire H., has a special family tradition involving gingerbread houses. Each year, her family either makes a house based on a landmark they visited or somewhere local.


“My dad is the mastermind behind the template and construction for the pieces, and I love decorating them,” Claire wrote.

Some of the structures Claire and her family recreated include the Taj Mahal, Buckingham Palace and a local library.

Read below to see readers’ best gingerbread house creations, from famous buildings to a Celtics themed house.

Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy

Claire H.

Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Claire H.

Beverly Farms Library

“[Pictured] in the Beverly Farms library.” — Claire H.

Buckingham Palace in London

Claire H.

Highclere Castle in Newbury, U.K.

Claire H.

Hogwarts Castle

Claire H.

“A gingerbread village”

“My mom started making a gingerbread village when I was young. I wanted to continue the tradition and also start to teach my girls as well.” — Cecelia E., Cohasset

“Replica of my home”

“Replica of my home. Submitted last year to Portsmouth gingerbread contest.” — Lorne J., Portsmouth, NH

“Celtics themed house”

“I always made a gingerbread house with my mom growing up. A few years ago I started the tradition with my young son. We make the house from scratch! This year we made a Celtics themed house with Tatum and Horford gingerbread men on the roof. We also have a skating rink in the backyard.” — Corey M., Arlington