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Here’s what Jake Peavy said after Billie Eilish wore his jersey on ‘Saturday Night Live’

“I don’t know the last time something got that much traction in my phone with text messages.”

Jake Peavy played for the Red Sox from 2013-14. Colin E. Braley/AP Photo

Most pitchers typically don’t see a celebrity wear their jersey. Even fewer of those pitchers will ever see a celebrity wear their jersey on one of the most popular shows in the world.

But Jake Peavy is not most pitchers.

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At the end of the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, pop star and that week’s musical guest Billie Eilish turned away from the camera to hug cast members, revealing that she had been wearing Peavy’s Chicago White Sox jersey.

As soon as her back faced the camera, Peavy’s phone exploded with countless messages immediately gracing his lock screen. 


“My phone started going crazy when [Saturday Night Live] aired on the East Coast and that went on into the night,” Peavy told’s Matt Monagan. “I don’t know the last time something got that much traction in my phone with text messages.”

To Peavy, who pitched for the Red Sox from 2013-14, it was a very pleasant surprise. He appreciates Eilish’s tribute and wants to return the favor.

“I’m gonna reach out, I come in peace,” Peavy said. “I wanna sign a jersey for her.”

On the mound, Peavy was nothing short of dominant when he was at his best. He led all starters in ERA (2.54), WHIP (1.061), FIP (2.84) and strikeouts (2.54) when he played for the San Diego Padres in 2007, which earned him that year’s National League Cy Young Award, and he even finished seventh in MVP voting. He also earned a Gold Glove Award in 2012.

Peavy may have been past his prime when he joined the Red Sox, but he was still a valuable contributor, registering a 4.17 ERA, a 1.147 WHIP, a 3.96 FIP and 121 strikeouts to help give a World Series to Boston in 2013, just one year removed from his third and final all-star game appearance. (He’s also well remembered in Boston for his purchase of a duck boat after the team’s World Series celebration.)


But off of the mound, Peavy is a father of 15-year-old Judd, who now views his dad as at least a little more cool.

“[Eilish] gave me huge street cred in my household and throughout the next generation,” Peavy said.

Peavy’s name may not be as ubiquitous as some other pitchers, such as Justin Verlander or Clayton Kershaw. But none of those stars can claim they were on Billie Eilish’s back when she appeared on Saturday Night Live.