BindalFX has a long-standing track record of being respectful and fair to our clients and it is our mission to create a community of successful traders.

BindalFx indicators gives low risk high probability trade setups with a very high accuracy provided you follow the system with discipline, and if you do that you are unlikely to fail.

When you join our training & mentoring programme, we will also guide you with LIVE trading broadcasts and watchlist and trade examples. We will tell you of the big moves before they happen.

In the unlikely event the system does not produce results and give you at least +300 pips then Within 14 days of purchasing the BindalFX system we are happy to give you a full refund.

If however through our LIVE broadcasts and trade setups given by the system is more than +300 pips then NO refunds will be given.

For us to process a refund, you got to use the system as taught, but if you do not follow the system, then no refund will be given.

Why do traders fail?

It is estimated that most traders lose money, and this ratio is as high as 80 to 90% as per most broker websites. The primary reason for the failure is:

1.) Not having a profitable trading system
2.) If they have a system, then they do not follow it with discipline. Self sabotage.

We know our system works, because we walk the talk and show you how to succeed with our live trading seminars and also live trading broadcasts.

Once you join our training programme, on our part we shall give you undivided attention so that you can join the community of successful forex traders. On your part it is essential that you action the following:

1.) You will ensure that you spend time to fully understand the system with the online tutorials and the training manual send.

2.) You will submit trading journals and statements, so that we can guide you further and correct your mistakes.

We will do our bit with 100% commitment, and equally if you do the same, then the question of refunds does not arise.

BindalFX 123 system is simple to follow, Trading Mastery is a Child's Play. When you follow the system with discipline, Trading becomes effortless.