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An experienced Currency Trader shares his vast knowledge. Forex Mastery a Child’s Play is a practical, hands–on, step by step guide on how to be a Master Trader following simple techniques, which even a 12 year old can use to trade.

This book is designed to build an aspiring trader's knowledge base, giving you simple strategies, a winning trading plan, and above all techniques on how you can strengthen your mental fitness, how you can control emotions and how you can take control of your trading life.

Forex Mastery a Child’s Play will prepare readers for the realities of currency trading, and help them evolve and achieve success in this dynamic market.

Author Jayendra Lakhani helps clients around the world excel in currency trading, helping them execute a trading plan with military precision. Focus is not on the outside world, but within YOU. You are least interested in what others are doing; with this book you are trying to master the self. Once this is achieved, the battle is won.

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You are amazing. You are in my opinion, a master trader, who teaches in live market condition. You walk the talk and show us how to bank the pips. Brendon Rodd, Australia.

I have been very impressed wiith the training that you offer, you make it look simply simple. Jean-Luc Broilett & Christophe Broilett - Switzerland.

Quick note to say thank you for the mentoring. Your spiritual nature is what attracted me to your programs to begin with, and that you happen to be an amazing trader and mentor really adds icing to the cake! Jim Martin - USA.

I must say that your live trading sessions were great learning tools. You had a patient & well disciplined approach with your entries, and a ruthless money management system. Piyush Patel - USA

I have read various books by great authors, however your guidance and teaching has been brilliant and has given me immense confidence and above all convinced me that there really IS NO SECRET FORMULA! the true Holy Grail is within you. Vinod Gohil - UK.


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