4th September, 2017
Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are one the key attributes of chart analysis, as it represents key juncture where the forces of supply and demand meet. In simple economic terms when the demand of a given stock is higher the prices are likely to increase, if this demand is not met by sellers.

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3rd September, 2017
Psychology of Trading

"If you have the commitment - you will achieve your goals" It is an accepted fact that 90% of traders lose money "playing" the markets, because they are just "playing" and NOT Trading. They tend to focus mostly on the past, and their failures, resulting into wrong trades.

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2nd September, 2017
Discipline, Mental Skills and the Psychology of Trading.

Are you searching for answers to become a master trader? Or are you still trying to be a profitable trader? Trading is not easy as most people think, why is that out all those who try, over 90% fail?

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1st September, 2017
Create a Winning Trading Plan

A trading plan is perhaps the most overlooked traderís tool. As a matter of fact the majority of traders do not have a trading plan. No wonder 90% of traders lose money.

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