Bindal Momentum Indicator is an MT4 software, which gives out real-time BUY and SELL signal. When a signal comes you will get a sniper circle on the chart and a sound alert and pop up will come. The Indicator is purely based on Technical analysis.

In addition to alerts, the indicator also comes with 4 unique BindalFX PIVOT points, which are horizontal lines GREEN, YELLOW, MAGENTA and AQUA. These proprietory pivot points are very important levels, as these points can see 123 bounces as major support resistance levels, and also once they break expect big moves. We estimate that with proper application of the filters, as explained in the video tutorials, will see a near 80% success rate with a risk/reward of 1:3

Normal Cost for 1 year Licence is - £1,995.00, Current Special offer: £999.00

Other Discounted Offer - When you open an account and Trade using one of our recommended brokers, then we are able to offer this licence for a discounted price, depending on your trading size and trading volume. The broker will pay us a commission and we will rebate this back to you by way of discounted training. Kindly Contact Us for further information.

How to Order

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When you subscribe to the above service you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Licence for the duration of your membership together with online video tutorials
  • FREE invites to LIVE Webinars as and when held
  • 3 Months of Live trading broadcasts sent via Whatsapp
  • Discounted entry to BindalFX LIVE Seminars worldwide
  • Email mentoring with Jay Lakhani for 1 month

Bindal Fx Investment Mastery System is explained in the following videos:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the system will work on ALL currency pairs, Including Indices, Commodities and Major US stocks like Apple Inc, Google, Facebook
It is 24 hours, however best trading signals will be during the Europe and US market sessions.
You must have the charts open with LIVE data, and when a signal is generated, a yellow sniper circle comes up on the chart, together with a sound and pop up alert. You can take the trades immediately when signal comes, however for the best outcome we suggest following couple of filters, which are fully explained in the video tutorials.
All our trades are based on 2 contracts (or multiples of two) per trade, where half of the trade is closed at the first target (TP1), The second target (TP2) is allowed to run for maximum pips wherever possible. Once again full guidance given on the trade management.
Yes, this is a highly recommended strategy, and at each 123 setup you ADD to winners, once again fully explained in the video tutorials.
On average , trading 8 pairs, you can easily generate over 20 trades. Many graduate members are already banking 200/300 pips every day trading across 20+ pairs.
This depends on volatility, but typical average is around 30 minutes to 2 hours for intra day, and sometimes the signal will not reverse for nearly 24 hours, if so you carry on with the trade with trailing stop profit.
This is discussed in detail when you become a member.
Price action > technical analysis
This depends on volatility. Overall MINIMUM we aim for a 1:3 risk/reward ration. Meaning we risk 25 pips to make a 75 or better. In many instances we have a much better ratio.
No > but our service has a money back guarantee. You can try the service for 1 month and if the system fails to generate 500 pips you can have full money back, no questions asked.
The Forex market does trillions of dollars a day in volume; no single individual can influence the market for more than a few seconds.

Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should buy this indicator

When developing this forex alerts system, I spent a lot of time studying competition and trying to pinpoint what was missing in most programs. I found it very fast.

1. HONESTY. I will tell you that you will not turn ten thousand dollars into a million over night. If that is what you are looking for, then play the lottery because it doesn't exist in the trading world.

2. KNOWLEDGE. I promise you that there are no secrets, even YOU can create a simple winning plan that can consistently give you profit. Full training is given how to use the system.

3. PSYCHOLOGY. Most people will fail at trading not due to their system, but due to the psychology and discipline that is required for any system to be profitable. I promise to GREATLY improve this facet of your trading.

BindalFX 123 system is simple to follow, Trading Mastery is a Child's Play. When you follow the system with discipline, Trading becomes effortless.