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The Forex Market Commodities, Index and Major Stocks.

How To Trade The Markets With A Unique Trading Formula that Only a Handful Of Traders Use. Get Ready to Find Out How "Big Dogs" Got Rich Trading the Bindal FX system, and how you too can do it, we show you HOW? You will learn simple – yet powerful trading strategies that gives you your own "Holy Grail"
Bindal FX 12 Months Investment Mastery Mentoring
Get the tools and Trading System you need to start making consistent bankable PROFITS!
Bindal FX Investment Mastery - KEY FEATURES
  • Trading courses - a step by step guide to Investment Mastery
  • Guided by a professional trader - we walk the talk and guide you with LIVE Trading Broadcasts
  • Proven trading system with FREE 12 month Licence to ALL Bindal Indicators
  • Get personal mentoring
  • Learn to trade as a PRO

At Bindal FX you become a Consistent Winner when you follow our system

During this 12 month period, I will hold your hand and guide you step by step on how to make massive profits from the markets, you have unlimited access to me, via audio, video, email, telephone and when you are trading I shall hold your hand. Often, we can trade together, where your trading skill will be improving so that after some time you are able to fish on your own. What is included in the Mentoring programme
  • Personal mentoring
  • 12 Month licence to ALL Bindal Indicator - an MT4 programme giving real time signals and setups.
  • 12 Month subscription to 4xmentor.net - a library of video tutorials, plus new ones added regularly,
  • Regular LIVE broadcast - chart analysis and guide how to trade
  • Review of your trading journal
  • Devise a trading plan that suits your trader psychology
  • Techniques on mental fitness & trader psychology
My trading system is called, "Bindal Investment Mastery a Child's Play" and here are few of the specific things you'll learn.
  • How to trade commodities – such as oil, gas, platinum, copper, coffee and sugar, to name a few. And how from profit from both UP and DOWN price movements in the commodities markets.
  • How to trade Currencies
  • How to trade individual UK shares, European and US shares and make trading profits when the share's price movements go UP and DOWN.
  • How not to put all your eggs in one basket – will teach you the tricks on how to diversify.
  • How to join the 5% club of winners.
  • I'll explain the secrets to my trading style – including what I look for in the markets and how I trade.
About Bindal Momentum Indicator
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After you subscribe
After you have subscribed, kindly contact us using http://www.4x4u.net/contact.asp, and send as the following information
  • Your Live account number and broker name as well as 1 DEMO account number. The Bindal indicators are programmed only to work on the broker account details given.
  • Let us know your email address to which you want chart analysis to be sent.
  • Let us know your telephone number, to which we can send LIVE trading broadcasts.
Videos taking you through the Bindal FX System
What our Traders are Saying about Bindal FX Investment Mastery
Jay your guidance and teaching has been brilliant and has given me immense confidence and above all convinced me that there really IS NO SECRET FORMULA! You taught to believe in myself and that the true Holy Grail is within you. Sharing your LIVE Trading broadcast with charts has been a fantastic experience, You make it look so easy when you are sharing your live trades, setups and watch lists with a full commentary. Vinod Gohil - UK.

I must say that your live trading sessions were great learning tools. You had a patient & well disciplined approach with your entries, and a ruthless money management system. Piyush Patel - USA

Quick note to say thank you for the mentoring. Your spiritual nature is what attracted me to your programs to begin with, and that you happen to be an amazing trader and mentor really adds icing to the cake! Jim Martin - USA.

You are amazing. You are in my opinion, a master trader, who teaches in live market condition. You walk the talk and show us how to bank the pips. Brendon Rodd, Australia.

I have been very impressed with the training that you offer, you make it look simply simple. Jean-Luc Broilett & Christophe Broilett - Switzerland.

The Bindal momentum indicator is so good, just wondering how did you write specification for this indicator! After years of failure, finally I am making consistent profits from the markets. Thank You. Tomoko Hatano, UK

I have been trading for 7 years now, My own funds and family, Bindal momentum tool is one of the best I have ever seen. I can't believe it you are selling it! LOL.. Vinod Patel, UK

I have found the Bindal FX system to be a clear and very simple way to understand Forex trading. Without the use of complicated indicators I have managed to make profits with the support of Jay who is always there to guide and advise. Bubs Dharni, UK

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